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Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales: Headshot by SerthSharpscales Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales: Headshot :iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 0
Mature content
The dark beginning of a Dragon Chapter: 05 :iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 6
The dark beginning of a Dragon Chapter: 04
Chapter: 04
The human-.. No my mother looked confused for a moment, because of the spell to change my name, she forgot it for a moment.
“S-Serth? What’s with your voice honey?” My expression got neutral. “But mom! My voice wass alwayssss like thiss!” I said and made a sad expression with fake tears in my eyes and then my eyes started to glow und my sunglasses and I changed the memory of the whole family.
Her expression changed to regret and she came up to me and hugged me, which was a weird feeling, if nobody does that for 1000 years. “I’m sorry honey. I guess I was just a little sleepily. You don’t have to work today do you?” She said and I shook my head. “No, I don’t have to worrk today mom and itss okay.” My hiss and growl got less, because the bruise on my shin had just healed. “And mom didn’t I tell you not to call me honey? I’m 23 yearss old!” ‘Hmpf. I never told her that,
:iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 0
The dark beginning of a Dragon Chapter: 03
Chapter: 03
First everything was black, when I invaded his mind, but soon I opened my eyes and I found myself at the bottom of a big mountain. As I looked around, I saw, that the grass here was a rich green and the sky a bright blue with some clouds. ‘Hmm it’s kinds nice here, but not really like my personality. I’ll have to change that later.’ I thought to myself. Then I saw a nicely sized wooden cottage at the right hand side of the bottom of the mountain. ‘So this is his mind “Stronghold”? Not the safest one I have ever seen.’ I chuckled to myself. ‘This human is really, really foolish!’ I looked at myself and saw, that I was in my power-of-souls-form. ‘That explains the weird height, difference. Now its hard to hide a really big dragon, with shadow-powers flirring around him. And I don’t really look the friendliest of all dragons now.’ I sighed this could be harder then I imagined it to be.
:iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 0
The dark beginning of a Dragon Chapter: 02
Chapter: 02
While the human was unconscious, I picked a little through his mind. I learned that his name was Hendrik Petron. ‘Huh Hendrik…pretty unusual name, but I don’t know in which country I am, so it could be pretty normal. But I want to keep my name so I’ll change the memories of everybody who know him so that his name was always Serth Petron.’ I muttered some ancient draconic spell under my breath and a bright blue light shone in the room and then disappeared. ‘So. That’s better.’
After staring at him for awhile, I got bored and walked around the room and inspected the things, which I unfortunately couldn’t pick up as a spirit. There was the laptop, a thing that shone in a bright light on the ceiling, some things out of a strange material and some books, which were, to my amazement, not written with a quill. I looked at all the dragon-paintings and was amazed by their detail, as I heard a groan behind me. I turned around and
:iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 2
The dark beginning of a Dragon Chapter: 01
Authors note: This is my first story that I have ever written and I’m open for helpful criticism. Also this story describes my life as a Dragon that was once a leader of Dragons, but got betrayed by the humans who he was generous to. Now I’ll stop rambling and start with the story.
Chapter: 01
Darkness… That’s all I saw for the last 1000 years. Only because I was betrayed by those who I was generous to. Only accompanied by other Dragon souls and feral-instincts, who try to escape from this cursed place, where we were banned to.
My name is Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales. I’m a black quadruped dragon-leader with blood-red breastplates and the same plates on my legs. I have 4 black wings with blood-red membranes, blood-red spikes on my back and a same colored tail blade. I have blue markings on my whole body and red talons. I’m currently in my spirit-form because my body is long si
:iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 2 1
Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales character sheet
Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales

(Picture made with Wyndbaines Dragon creator)
Name: Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales
Aliases: As a human his name is still “Serth” but his full-name is “Serth Petron”(just so you know he doesn’t like his last name very much)(and don’t call him “Pet” just because of his last name he will kill you…and that for real)
When he takes on his disguise as a golden and silver dragon, with yellow and almost golden eyes, with green markings, his name is Ferrod Orn Iejir.
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Human-form: 23 Years old and several thousand years as a dragon but they stopped counting.
Forms: Quadruped, Bipedal, Feral, Human,Power of souls, Last-Countdown -Form
Specification of the Last-Countdown-Form: The
:iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 2 3
Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales by SerthSharpscales Serth Urskhrarla Sharpscales :iconserthsharpscales:SerthSharpscales 1 1


Blood Mud and Fur, Part 1
Chapter 1: Blood and Mud
I hold the rifle between my hands as the shells land behind me. My squad fearfully awaits orders from me, but I know not what to do. The battle has been a pure stalemate for what seems like ever. If there is any chance of winning this battle, we must advance now. I slowly stand up and peek over the side of the trench, even knowing the risk.
I see two Maxim machine guns firing over no-man’s-land. I kneel back down and look to Simmons beside me. Tears dash down his face. He’s only been here for a few days and it is first time seeing the horrors of war. I reach out and hit him in the shoulder. He looks up to me. I smile and try to get him to smile as well. But he does not.
I look away and turn around. I look to Struthers and he immediately focuses his attention on me. He salutes me but I just shake my head. Then he pulls his scoped rifle up to his chest and waits for orders. I point over the trench and he looks up. He focuses his glasses and then looks b
:icongreyhound1211:Greyhound1211 38 13
Grievances of a Dragoness
    “How’s your stock?” Torkos asked the white-robed orderly.
    “We completely restocked after our last trip. Most of what was used beforehand consists of pain medication and motion-sickness tablets. About ten-percent of each I believe.” The dark-green/near-black scaled dragoness tapped on the data-slate the Doctor was holding, pointing out the various withdrawals recorded from the ship’s stores.
    “Why motion-sickness?” he asked, poking the numbers.
    “Motion-sickness is common on starships,” the orderly supplied. “The inner-ear...” the dragoness paused and collected herself. “Think about it as being in a car. When you’re in it and not looking outside, and the car moves, your eyes do not register the movement, but the inner-ear does. This contradictory mix of data causes the nausea known as car-sickness.”
:icontorkos-arcflame:Torkos-Arcflame 10 9
The Commission Chronicles 2
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 2: Gift
The next day I woke up and was greeted by the sound of “WHOOOOO!” “Yes I’m awake Latias.” I said, as she promptly started cooing and nuzzling me. "This is so cool! She’s like a really big pet!” I looked at her again. “No, there’s no way that I can call her a pet. She’s a friend, she doesn’t act like a pet. She’s just acts way too human to be a pet.” I thought as I looked her wounds over. “Wow! You’ve healed a lot for only one night!” I exclaimed as I examined her bandages. “I bet pretty soon that you’ll be able to fly again!”
     She stared at me blankly for a second and then promptly broke the silence with, “LAHT-IAS!!” Well, my third day of camping and I’ve already made a very interesting friend. It suddenly struck me that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to keep her with me. “What’ll happen when she
:iconvypor:Vypor 57 141
The Commission Chronicles 1
     I prefer to call it a choice, because I like to be different. Maybe that's why most of my friends are oftentimes five years younger than I am. Though it doesn't matter to me, I relate to them better than the popular people my age anyway.
     As a nineteen year-old, I prefer video games and LEGOs to skateboards and cars. But today I'll be putting aside my electronic entertainment devices in favor of some good old fashioned quality time with Mother Nature.
     At least I hope.
     Walking into the hallway with my bags packed, I hear mom and dad 'debating' at the other end of the house. I already know what it's about.
     “Chillax mom.” I stride into the hallway, trying to radiate some sort of confidence. “I got this.”
     “Do you?” She looks back, s
:iconvypor:Vypor 110 263
Tano'rath Reference by Arcticfox98 Tano'rath Reference :iconarcticfox98:Arcticfox98 13 0 Wyraach Ur - DragonTaur form by AuraGuardianHadou Wyraach Ur - DragonTaur form :iconauraguardianhadou:AuraGuardianHadou 77 85 Serth by Zykedragon Serth :iconzykedragon:Zykedragon 12 16 Starship by Arcticfox98 Starship :iconarcticfox98:Arcticfox98 85 16 Godzilla99: the dragon of light by earthsdefenders Godzilla99: the dragon of light :iconearthsdefenders:earthsdefenders 9 2 Different Kind of Prey by Red-IzaK
Mature content
Different Kind of Prey :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 197 107
Gentle giant by DRACOICE Gentle giant :icondracoice:DRACOICE 57 7 Show them that you are stronger now by DRACOICE Show them that you are stronger now :icondracoice:DRACOICE 76 4
Official Icar Journal- OPEN SPOTS
And lots of them. LOTS. I cleared out any without a picture, which is a big chunk of those adopted out. Like... 11, 12, 18 are practically new sheets, as well as some open designs on nearly all the sheets, except for... two, i think. It's been well over 6 months since the last design was made, so those who never did a picture, your designs have been snatched from you like an old lady's purse.  Controversly, if you did do a picture and I missed it, link it to me and you'll get your design back ASAP.
How this will work! You leave a messages that says which design you'd like, and I give you the okay- you do not own this design until the picture is done, this way I'm not constantly holding spots and waiting on you folk'll.  Multiple people may apply for the same design, but until you see a picture up, or a username, then assume it's free game to try.
Now, if you had a design but it's gone since you either forgot you adopted it, or something came up and it slips your min
:iconalradeck:ALRadeck 8 143
Icarathian Adoptables 15 by ALRadeck Icarathian Adoptables 15 :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 33 85 Icarathian Adoptables 2 by ALRadeck Icarathian Adoptables 2 :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 33 63 Icarathian Re-adopts 3 by ALRadeck Icarathian Re-adopts 3 :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 25 97


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Some say I’m a monster when they see me. Some scream when they see me. Some try to kill me when they see me. And the rest is a good meal when they see me.
Hello everyone. This is Serth and I have some news. Firstly I completed half of a chapter of my first story. Secondly I completed half of the first chapter of my new story. Now bad news. I sadly will be really busy because of Latin that I study at school. My teacher decided to do many tests in the next weeks and I need to use most of my time at school, at home studying and trying to relax. The fact that I'm the school's medic and that I'm a voluntary firefighter in training isn't helping too. I will probably be able to write again in around 8 weeks or so. ;.=.;
Anyways. I wish all of you a great time and hope that all of you can wait for the chapters. I'm a lazy person sometimes too. ^.=.^" Take care. Bye bye!
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